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PyStripchart is built upon the PyGTK widget library. PyGTK provides the GTK widget set to Python applications. PyStripchart is a set of what are often called "megawidgets", which means that they are built upon basic widgets in PyGTK and the new functionality is implemented in pure Python. The general plan is that these widgets will be prototyped in pure Python and then possibly implemented in C as GTK widgets in the future (while maintaining access to them via Python).

PyStripchart is (being) developed by PhD student Jonathan Merritt at The Equine Centre, which is part of the Melbourne University Faculty of Veterinary Science. These widgets are being used in the equine biomechanics research program at the Equine Centre.


The widgets found in PyStripchart were originally created as Microsoft Windows GDI components for the display of strain gauge data.  These components were abandoned when it became clear that the amount of work required to use them in new situations was prohibitive.

Work was then started on the task of porting the components to the Java programming language.  This project is still continuing, but no releases have been produced.  These Java components are present in the JStripchart CVS repository, and may one day be resurrected.

Finally, the widgets were ported to Python using the PyGTK framework.  So far, this port has proven both the simplest to implement and the easiest to use as a final product.

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